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The Catalog of Our Collection of Wireless Inside Information

  • Google Voice: This Free service adds a whole suite of custom features that makes your wireless phone even more versatile.

  • Go Completely Wireless: You just don't need wires to stay connected. From your home phone to your Internet provider, you can get it all without the leash, even in your trailer down by the beach.

  • Hate Your Carrier But Love Their Network: Escape (or hide) from your current supplier of wireless service but still use their network infrastructure.

  • Identify Carrier & Location by Phone Number: Most cellular numbers can be tracked back to the carrier and the location.

  • Keep Your Number: While you don't "own" your wireless number, you can take it with you when you change carriers, wireline or wireless.

  • LifeLine and LifeLink Plans: These are programs that provide FREE or discounted cellular service if you receive one of a large number of government-support services.
  • Mountain Wireless Networks: This is the home base of all our affiliated web sites which may help you investigate wireless subjects in even more detail.

  • MVNO: Mobile Virtual Network Operators. These "virtual" networks deal with all your customer-related issues, including providing your SIM and phone, but they use another carrier's network.

  • National Park Cell Sites: Known Cell Sites in National Parks. This list shows their locations based on FCC records.

  • Not Saving Money on a New Plan? Do the Math on your wireless plan to make sure you're getting the best deal.

  • Number Management: Everything you wanted to know about your wireless phone number and how to change it, hide it, or get one where you want it.

  • Roaming? Why You Can't Get Your Voice Mail: Your phone works differently when you're roaming, especially out of the country.

  • Search the Back Door: Can't find the inside information you're looking for?  Let us help you find it.

  • Secrets List: Our most popular page of secrets you didn't know to look for.

  • Shop Behind the Back Door: Bargains can be had if you know where to look.

  • Subsidized Wireless Service: There are programs for FREE or discounted cellular service if you receive one of a large number of government-support services.

  • Switch to a New Carrier: Our how-to guide to changing wireless carriers and how to do it right.

  • Voice Mail "Back Door" Numbers: Numbers that give you access to your local cellular voice mail system.

  • Wireless Noise: Our discussion page about secrets, deals and information that we have recently discovered.